The Wine Guide offers independent wine expertise and a range of services to restaurants, bars and hotels. We assist venues in all facets of wine service, staff training, systems management and are also well versed in coordinating a diverse range of corporate events.

Ben and Dan
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Who Are We?

... and what do we do?

The brainchild of Ben Edwards, The Wine Guide was established in 2007 as a consultancy service to the hospitality industry and beyond.

The Wine Guide is not a book (yet!), but a play on words. Our goal is to 'Guide' you through the world of wine, whatever the direction you need to go. We offer a range of services focused on Consultation, Education and Events.

Our team all come from a Sommelier and hospitality background and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in not only wine but, most importantly, communication.

Our goal is to empower our clients with knowledge and give them a clear insight into the often intimidating (and confusing) world of wine.

Ben Edwards


Founder and Director of The Wine Guide, Ben brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to both the team and clients alike. A brilliant communicator, he has hosted and moderated vast numbers of wine events and master classes, not only across Australia, but all over the World.

Accessibility is the key, as he can make any function informative, educational and, most importantly, enjoyable. 'Edutainment' is what he calls it!

For his full biography, click HERE

Dan Sims

Project Manager

Cool, calm and collected without pretentious frippery is how Dan likes to keep the world of wine. An award winning Sommelier and the engine room for many of The Wine Guide's clients and of course, for the exciting events that happen around Australia and beyond.

His excitement for good wine is palpable whether in front of a camera, or in front of a room full of students, and his even handed and no-nonsense approach to wine has drawn plenty of praise from the press and trade. Dan is a vital piece in The Wine Guide's armoury.

For his full biography click HERE

Alexis Brock


A wine tragic in every sense, Alexis brings an element of style to The Wine Guide. Based in New York, Alexis heads up our international wine training program for Triple S Consultancy in both the United States and South of France.

An accomplished Sommelier and great communicator, Alexis makes all students feel at ease and empowers them with confidence, knowledge and the ability to effectively communicate to their guests.

For more information and upcoming training dates, click here.

For her full bio, click HERE