The Wine Guide offers independent wine expertise and a range of services to restaurants, bars and hotels. We assist venues in all facets of wine service, staff training, systems management and are also well versed in coordinating a diverse range of corporate events.

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What Do We Offer?

The Wine Guide is a hospitality-focused business providing a range of consultative services to the industry. We bring independent expertise to all our clients, assisting them in all facets of the operation of their business.

We bring a wealth of experience, profile and a broad hospitality industry network to our clients. This extensive network assists our clients to achieve their goals by providing them access to a range of unique industry services.

Below is a brief outline of some of the services that we offer. We understand that every business is different and can have specific and unique requirements. Flexibility is the key.

Wine List Construction

No matter what the size, a balanced, clear and concise wine/beverage list is an essential component of any hospitality business.

Wine List Construction and Consulting can include the following elements

- Writing and construction of a unique wine list tailor made to specific client/venue requirements (size & budget confirmed by client)

- Construction of wine by the glass program

- Pricing & discounting negotiations with all wine suppliers for short, medium and/or long term deals

- Negotiation of deal structures and agreements with wine companies to ensure integrity of the venue remains paramount

- Coordination & collection of all relevant credit applications

- Construction of a detailed wine list spreadsheet including COGS, Supplier, LUC (Landed Unit Cost), discounted LUC, type of discount/deal, dollar contribution for both discounted and true LUC. (in Excel Format)

- Detailed list of suppliers noting minimum order amounts, contact details, deals & pricing structures and weekly order sheet

- Wine List formatted and delivered in Adobe PDF format & Excel for ease of printing

- Wine List induction package for current and or new staff explaining the philosophy behind the wine list and service standards.

- Promotion of wine list and venue via The Wine Guide's newsletter, website and social media outlets

- Availability for comment with venues marketing and public relations manager in promotion of the venue.




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