The Wine Guide offers independent wine expertise and a range of services to restaurants, bars and hotels. We assist venues in all facets of wine service, staff training, systems management and are also well versed in coordinating a diverse range of corporate events.

Ben and Dan
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Staff Training is an integral part of the philosophy of The Wine Guide. Motivated, knowledgeable and well-trained staff not only add value to your business, but effectively add to your bottom line profitability; especially in terms of sales and stock control. Investing in your staff is incredibly important.


Why Wine Training

It is essential that staff are well prepared in all aspects of the business that they work in. In our experience, not enough time and effort is put into ensuring that staff understand the beverages they are selling, and therefore are selling the businesses they work for short. They are missing out on more profitable sales and enhancing the diner's experience, which in turn helps promote return business. This greater level of knowledge and service skill adds to a venues appeal for repeat use by customers.

Our method to wine training is simple; a no-nonsense, non-wine jargon, common sense approach to wine, focusing on the practical application of wine fundamentals.