The Wine Guide offers independent wine expertise and a range of services to restaurants, bars and hotels. We assist venues in all facets of wine service, staff training, systems management and are also well versed in coordinating a diverse range of corporate events.

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Regional Wine Training

What's it about?

This regionally focused wine training course is designed to assist and inform regional hospitality, restaurant, cafe and hotel staff on the benefits of purchasing and promoting local wine as well as arm them with the knowledge to back it up.

The aim of the program is to ensure that those responsible for interface with consumers and tourists are informed as to what makes the region they work in unique from others. By educating staff, a clear message will be sent to tourists and guests and that in turn, promotes the region and helps raises its profile and unique selling points. Benefits will include an increase in sales of local wine, tourism satisfaction, transfer of knowledge from staff to consumers, interface between wineries and their local restaurants, cafes and hotels, and increased staff knowledge and motivation.

Effective communication skills are key points taught in this program as well as a fundamental understanding of the world of wine. By empowering participants with this knowledge, it will not only enable them to actively apply it during their daily duties, but motivate them to passionately participate in the conversations with their guests.

Getting tourists into wine regions is vitally important, ensuring they leave with a better understanding and greater connection is equally so.

The course will be delivered in two unique sessions, each two hours long.

Session One: Fundamentals of Wine & Communication
Acts as an introduction to the world of wine and the different types, styles are varieties. Information will be provided on how to taste wine correctly and how to effectively communicate about it.

Session Two: A Regional Focus
This session has a strong emphasis on how a wine from one region differs from the next. It will specify what makes the wine region in which staff work unique compared to others across the country and beyond. In addition, give them the skills to effectively convey this message to customers and tourists. The concept of 'terroir' and the impact it has on a grape variety is also be explored.

For more information please contact Dan Sims on or Sam Badger on (for Western Australia only)

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