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Ben and Dan
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Triple S 'Excellence in Service' Wine Training

Triple S consulted to the International luxury Yacht industry with a focus on effective training for interior staff. With Butler courses run in conjunction with the Guild of Professional English Butlers and Bartending courses run Global Bartending we are proud to have developed and run their Wine Knowledge and Sommelier Service Course as part of their 'Excellence in Service' Program.

The intensive 5 day course was conducted in both the South of France and Florida (twice yearly), and on board some of the worlds most beautiful yachts (including MY Pelorus). With a focus on the wines of the world and a firm emphasis on service and communication the course was conducted by Master of Wine Candidate Alexis Brock and Dan Sims.

We were constantly surprised and encouraged to see how far our students come in such a short period of time. Making wine accessible is at the core of our training philosophy.

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What the students say ...

'Ben has great training techniques. Keeping the classes attention throughout, even the 'boring bits' were enjoyable.'
Lee Mann - Captain, MY Ecstasea

'I thought Dan was outstanding and I was amazed that he never once referred to a single book or any other reference guide all week! His passion for wine translated in his teaching and definitely made the course fun while keeping everyone interested and informed.'
Lisa Donnelly - Wine Knowledge graduate November 2009

'I would definitely recommend the Butler Service I training to others. As for the wine course, Dan made a really comfortable environment by getting us all on the same page. Basically, he made it so you didn't feel awkward or nervous for not knowing something.'
Nikki Studer - Butler Service I & Wine Knowledge graduate November 2009

'I think Dan is an excellent teacher and motivator and encourages you along the way. He creates such a good atmosphere and arouses your interest and love of wine in such a short space of time!'
Brigitte Heeb - Wine Knowledge graduate November 2009

'High complexity, life changing!"
Petro Lubbe - Wine Knowledge & Butler Service I graduate, September 2009

'I loved it and had such a great time. I especially enjoyed learning about the French wine regions.'
Chasley Turner - Wine Knowledge graduate November 2009