The Wine Guide offers independent wine expertise and a range of services to restaurants, bars and hotels. We assist venues in all facets of wine service, staff training, systems management and are also well versed in coordinating a diverse range of corporate events.

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Lunch & Learn with The Wine Guide

Everybody loves wine. We love to drink it with friends and discover new flavours and sensations, but when it comes to figuring out that wine is more than merely an alcoholic beverage, everything changes. Your stomach knots, stress builds, beads of sweat stick out on the forehead and some people have even been known to swoon when asked questions about this mysterious topic. Why is this so? All this stress is completely avoidable with a little knowledge, and the best place to start your wine journey is over a good old fashioned lunch with like minded individuals.

On a more serious note, learning about wine is one of life's great joys, and in reality is much easier than many people believe. This event has been tailor made to make your life easier when in buying, entertaining and dining situations, as The Wine Guide team will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of wine production, assessment and most importantly enjoyment.

An adaptation from our highly regarded restaurant & hospitality focused wine course, we will help you better understand what it is you really like and why you like it. To be held on Saturdays, your mornings' hard study will be rewarded with a delicious lunch at Taxi Dining Room where you'll be able to apply your learnings immediately and delve into the finer points of food & wine matching.


The Appetizer - Fundamentals of Wine & Communication (2 hours)
This first session is designed to give you the fundamentals to set you on your way
• Introduction to wine, its history and how it is made
• How to taste wine, what to look for, and how to communicate your observations and conclusions
• How to figure out what you like, why and how to tell someone why you like it
• Introduction to white wine & red wine
Total of 6 wines

Entree - Communicating winemaking, style and regionality (2 hours)
In this session we will discuss the effects and influence of regionality, wine making and climate on what's in your glass by tasting 3 whites and 3 reds of the same varietal; but from different countries. Add to this, an introduction to other grape varieties, their characters and differences.
Total of 12 wines

Lunch - Sit down to a 2 course lunch at Taxi (2 hours)
Well, you've worked hard during the morning, so now it's time to sit back and put in to practice what you've learned. Over a leisurely course lunch and some cheese, with 3 wines per course, we'll be discussing the intricacies of food & wine matching, how to navigate a wine list and talk about the ins and outs of proper sommelier service.
Total of 6 wines

When: Saturday 7th July
Time: 9am (for 9.30am start) till 4pm
Where: Taxi Dining Room, Level 1 Transport Hotel, Federation Square, Melbourne
Cost: $255 per person all inclusive

For bookings, please click HERE!


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