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Be merry this festive season with an awesome wine advent calendar!

The wine advent calendar is the perfect Christmas gift. It is a great way to sample a range of wines without spending too much money. As well as helping you to find a new wine you love, it can also be a great gift for family, friends and colleagues. Here we give you an overview of the wine advent calendar and some of the best wine advent calendars being offered.

You can find out how to choose the best wine advent calendar for you and your family. We also cover some of the best wines and food pairings for the Christmas season.

Many of the wine advent calendars include a selection of red, white and rose wines, free shipping and even discounts on other wine.

With these factors in mind, we have done our research and found the best wine advent calendars in Australia for the 2024 festive season. These are our findings.

Our top 5 Wine Advent Calendar Reviews for 2024

Best Wine Advent Calendar Comparison Table

Product Pros Price
wine advent calendar De Bortoli’s Wine Advent Calendar
  • Free delivery
  • Discount if you purchase 2 or more
  • Shipping begins in September 2022

Our Top 5 Wine Advent Calendar Reviews for 2024

De Bortoli’s Wine Advent Calendar

wine advent calendar

De Bortoli’s alcohol Advent Calendar, which features specially chosen award-winning wines from a selection of red, white, sparkling, and rosé, helps you countdown to Christmas.

Additionally, in honour of Noble One’s 40th anniversary on the 24th, we will have something extra special.

Adults may countdown to Christmas with De Bortoli’s alcohol Advent Calendar. The largest bonbon in Australia is featured in this year’s Wine Advent Calendar, which you will enjoy assembling in just two simple steps. Avoid missing out!

This year’s Wine Advent Calendar will surprise and amaze you whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift.

A Merry Wine-derful Christmas to you!

What we like

  • Free delivery
  • Discount if you purchase 2 or more
  • Shipping begins in September 2022

What we don't like

What is a wine advent calendar?

A wine advent calendar is a special type of calendar that is used to count down the days until Christmas. Each day, a different wine is featured, and often there are special discounts or other offers associated with the calendar. Wine advent calendars are a great way to explore new wines, and to find some special deals on your favorite wines.

How does a wine advent calendar work?

An Advent calendar has 24 “doors,” one for every day in December up to and including Christmas Eve. An Advent calendar should be completed starting with the “door” marked “1.”

A wine-derful surprise is waiting for you each day in December as you countdown to Christmas with a wine advent calendar! Each “door” has one of 13 miniature bottles of wine, including Sparkling, Rosé, White, and Red wines. And on the 24th, we are planning something especially special. Be on the lookout for it!

How Much do Wine Advent Calendars Cost?

Wine Advent Calendars vary in price from $100 and above. Many advent calendars will include free shipping and discounts if you purchase more than 1.

Do you open 1 or 24 first on an Advent calendar?

You should start at 24 and count down so that you finish the wine advent calendar on number 1 on Christmas Day.