Our pick of the best Wine Fridge in Australia

It’s no point having quality wine if you don’t have a suitable wine fridge to store them in! You run the risk of your wine spoiling, or simply just not aging well. Plus, wine fridges look pretty cool in a kitchen and are a great way to impress your mates.

A simple search online will return a lot of results for wine fridges, but choosing the right one for you can be a tricky one. First things first, there are a few things to consider;

  1. How much wine do you want to keep stored
  2. What type of wine are you storing
  3. Size of the wine fridge and required space
  4. Your budget

With these factors in mind, we have done our research and found the best wine fridges available in Australia to suit different circumstances. These are our findings.

Our top 5 Wine Fridge Reviews for 2021

Polar C-Series Under Counter Wine Fridge

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If you are searching for an ideal wine chiller for your small restaurant or pub, then here is the perfect heck that you can choose with a blindfold. All thanks to the innovative and sleek design of this fridge with the maximum storage of about 28 wine bottles. Its black steel body combined with internal shelves compliments a complete look and a professional set-up.

Now come to the inner LED lights present at the inside of shelves that showcase your adjusted wine bottles in line and reflect your mannerism to the customers. Also, the temperature adjustment control is most accurate and easier as compared to other models. You only have to rotate a dial and get the desired results.

The adjustment and the installation of this wine fridge are more than exceptional. You have an option to adjust the feet’ height. This means that you have an option of placing this fridge where ever you want to and get accurate results.

The ambient temperature ranges from 32 degrees. This temperature is promising to provide accurate set-up and temperature overall for your wine bottles. But make sure that you keep the refrigerator at a distance from the wall to ensure proper ventilation and thus cooling.

What we like about the Polar C-Series Under Counter Wine Fridge

  • Adjustable feet
  • Convertible door
  • Steel body
  • Rotating dial for temperature adjustment

Things that aren’t so great

  • No-touch adjustments
  • No dual doors

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Husky Vino Pro Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge

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Husky Vino Pro comes with an excellent capacity to place your large wine bottles and keeps them chilled at the optimum prescribed temperature. It is said to be one of the best wine chillers for capacity. So if you own a restaurant, this will be the one for you. This will keep your drinks chilled and play an important role in preserving the taste of your wine.

This refrigerator’s steel trim body is rigid and robust to stay with you for a longer time. You may take it as an additional feature. Plus, a vent present at the front top is perfect for making it a cabinet-type wine chiller.

154-liter capacity combined with a 3-year warranty. What else you think someone would want if all of this is found in a single product? Triple ventilation systems are also there to contribute to the cooling of your beverages. And just have a look at the digital temperature showing a screen on the top of your fridge.

Six shelves are there that will get all of your preserved wine bottles and keep them safe and sound with the odor elimination technology as well. And lastly, you can place it anywhere you want. All thanks to its adjustable feet.

What we like about the Husky Vino Pro Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Fridge

  • Large storage capacity
  • Adjustable feet
  • Steel body
  • 3-year warranty

Things that aren’t so great

  • 50mm minimum clearance needed at the rear fridge

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Husky Vino Pro Double Door Wine Fridge & Drinks Chiller

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What else would you long for if you remain successful in getting a dual-door wine fridge with the most organized shelves in it? Husky Vino Pro will make your life much easier because of the dual unit space at the price of one. It is said to be one of the most flexible yet sleek-looking wine chillers with the most effective cooling system.

Vents and shelves are there to make you organize your great range of wine bottles in this cabinet design fridge. Once you have organized them, you don’t have to worry about the wine’s health or the breakage of the glass bottles anymore. No matter where you are placing this cabinet-shaped fridge rather it’s your home, office, or game room, it will complement the place.

A UV-safe blue LED light is added to this wine fridge that makes the wine to be preserved at the optimum temperature and makes it available at any time, fully chilled with a fresh feel.

Glass shelves are effective and stay for a longer period to give you complete money worth. The anti-vibrant operation that makes this fridge a complete quiet appliance is enough to attract the buyer towards it.

What we like about the Husky Vino Pro Double Door Wine Fridge & Drinks Chiller

  • Effective blue lightening
  • Dual door
  • Glass shelves
  • Great capacity

Things that aren’t so great

  • No-touch adjustments

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Devanti Wine Cooler 28 Bottles Glass Door Beverage Cooler Thermoelectric Fridge Black

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Here comes one of the most exclusive and breath-taking inventions in the series of wine coolers. Devanti Wine Cooler generally utilizes the latest thermoelectric cooling technology to keep your beverages and drinks cool and fresh for hours and days. And no matter how much time you want to keep your vintage drink chilled, it will help you out using the latest technology used in its construction.

And no need to worry about the adjustment controls of your wine fridge anymore. Because it equips the automatic adjustment buttons in addition to the touch panel at the very front, you can adjust the temperature depending upon the requirement of your drinks and your preference. A built-in LED-light is added to this wine cooler to look it a stylish cooler and make it more visible.

Just have a look at the design of this wine fridge that is designed to be as much economical as much possible. However, it contains the capacity to keep more than 28 bottles of wine and keep them fully chilled or at their prescribed temperature. Along with the aesthetic shelves, the outer door is also kept as much rigid as possible.

We found it most interesting to mention this wine fridge because its front door is UV-resistant and contains a child lock. This lock will add comfort to your life. On a whole, you can go for this compact yet stylish wine cooler with a blindfold and will never get disappointed in any means.

What we like about the Devanti Wine Cooler 28 Bottles Glass Door Beverage Cooler Thermoelectric Fridge Black

  • Effective lightening
  • Dual-layer glass door
  • UV-resistant
  • Great capacity

Things that aren’t so great

  • The minimum temperature is quite low

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Devanti Wine Cooler 12 Bottle Wine Fridge Thermoelectric Chiller Storage Bar Fridge Cellar Black

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Want to know the most effective and the latest wine chiller with the latest thermoelectric technology? Then here it is. Devanti wine cooler is what you ever longed for to keep your wine bottles preserved and safer. Plus, the advanced technology used in this cooler makes sure that your wine bottles are preserved at the optimum temperature and are chilled as well.

The easy adjustment set-up is the additional feature that will make your usage much enhanced and easier than before. You can adjust the temperature and cooling settings just upon a single touch on the top of the chiller screen. Adjust the temperature according to the outside and weather demands.

An additional LED light is there inside the cooler specially added to keep your wine bottles visible in dim lights. This feature plays a significant role if you are organizing a night party at your place and want dim lights overall and at the same time don’t want any wine spillage.

Now comes the dual-layer Ultraviolet resistant glass door that will keep your wine at the optimum temperature despite the outer changing temperature. Isn’t it a plus point? Also, the child lock is there to make your wine bottles safe and sound. Now the last point that would be enough to convince you is the quiet operation of this fridge.

What we like about the Devanti Wine Cooler 12 Bottle Wine Fridge Thermoelectric Chiller Storage Bar Fridge Cellar Black

  • Effective lightening
  • Amazing electric cooling technology
  • UV-resistant glass door

Things that aren’t so great

  • Nothing that we found to mention

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What to look for when buying a wine fridge

Whether you are an old wine lover or a fresher, getting a good chilled and fresh wine bottle is a dream for you, isn’t it so? So the question that arises upon this is how to make this dream come true at any time of the day or night. Is it possible to store those glass bottles in a standard refrigerator? Of course no. For getting a perfect glass of wine, you will need a proper wine fridge.

Although choosing a suitable and unique wine fridge may be challenging when you have dozens of options revolving around it. No doubt, every brand contains distinct features, but you have to be specific and conscious while choosing the wine fridge. Here we will help you get one of the most suitable wine fridges and tell you the points to keep in mind while buying a wine fridge.

Let’s get started and have a look at what we have got in the successive lines.

Bottle Capacity

Your wine fridge must have enough capacity to hold the maximum amount of bottles, and the proper shelving is also necessary. If you remain successful in getting such a fridge, your wine and vintage drinks bottles never get susceptible to any damage or mishap. Plus, you will have maximum space and will be able to store many bottles for later usage.

Temperature Range

The temperature is another contributing feature that plays an essential role in keeping your wine bottle fresh and chilled. However, the wine coolers come with a wide variety of temperature adjustments, but you have to keep the quality and features on the top while getting a fridge for you. Ensure that the fridge you choose has the temperature that can keep your drinks or wine at the optimum serving temperature.

Dual or Single Temperature Zones

Temperature zones are the thing that you can add to luxuries related to your fridge. Temperature ranges mean you have an option to keep wine at two distinct temperatures and can take one depending on your mood and the weather demands.

LED Lighting

Ensure that the wine fridge you choose for you is having LED lights installed inside the glass or aluminum door. This will keep your wine bottles safer from the UV rays and make them visible to you even the minimal light availability. Plus, another reason is that these lights may add an aesthetic look to your wine cooler.


No matter what appliance or product you will buy, the durability of that product and the long run is the dream to everyone. The same is the case here. Try to go for a durable yet sleek and good-looking wine fridge that gives you complete money-worth for a longer period.

Child Lock Features

Child lock is a special feature if you are protective of your wine bottles. Availability of child lock will let you customize the opening and closing of your fridge according to you. This will add peace of mind to your life. So, it is recommended to look for the child lock availability before getting into a specific wine fridge.

Thermoelectric Cooling Technology

Thermoelectric technology is the latest technology that is being used in wine coolers or refrigerators. Usually, refrigerators with this technology can keep your drinks at a constant temperature despite changing outer temperature. Consequently, it is recommended to get that latest fridge that contains this latest technology and has a money worth.

Free-standing or built in

If you remain successful in getting a free-standing wine fridge, it will be a plus point for you. It basically adds up to the comfort zone of the user and also becomes more versatile. No matter where you want to place your fridge, it will be your perfect partner and cope up with your aesthetic sense every time.

Warranty and Customer Service

Warranty is the thing that adds up to the peace of mind of the customer while he or she is purchasing that appliance. The warranty ensures that their money is not going in the trash at once; in case they feel any misfortune, they may get a repair service at home. So make sure that your chosen appliance has a satisfying warranty.

Adjustable Feet

It is recommended to go for that wine refrigerator that is having an adjustable foot. Must be thinking, what’s the reason behind this, right? Let us tell you that adjustable feet mean you will be able to keep them anywhere on any type of surface. No matter it’s your restaurant, home or bar, it will compliment equally.

We hope that this buying guide contains all of the crucial points to make your hunt for getting one of the best wine fridges easier than before.