Our pick of the best Wine Rack in Australia

It’s no point having quality wine if you don’t have a suitable wine rack to store and display them! You run the risk of your wine spoiling, or simply just not aging well. Plus, a wine rack is great way to prevent bottles getting lost, misplaced or broken.

A simple search online will return a lot of results for wine racks and storage systems but choosing the right one for you can be a tricky one. First things first, there are a few things to consider;

  1. How much wine do you want to keep stored
  2. What type of wine are you storing
  3. Size of the wine rack and required space
  4. Your budget

With these factors in mind, we have done our research and found the best wine racks available in Australia in 2021 to suit different circumstances. These are our findings.

Our top 5 Wine Rack Reviews for 2021

Timber Wine Rack Storage Cellar Organiser 120 Bottle

Here is a pick for all those who have been waiting throughout the article for the mega wine rack. It is large wine rack having the capacity to accommodate 120 bottles and more if you stack it to the other racks. This large wine storage has storage cellars that store and displays the wine securely. This wine rack is made up of pine wood and premium-quality steel with an extremely easy assembly. You can put the rack together just in few minutes without hiring any professional help.

This wine rack is a perfect choice for commercial purposes as well as home use. It can ideally be used in any bar, café, home, or dining. Moreover, it is not very bulky so, you can place it in any limited space. Moreover, you can get this space-saving wine rack customized according to your wall or cabinetry which is a great feature offered by the manufacturer. In addition, the separate modular racks can be expanded to accommodate as many bottles as you need.

All in all, this large timber wine rack is a great addition to your home décor or the bar. Its striking design makes it an evergreen choice for those looking for a complete solution to organize their wine collection.

What we like about the Timber Wine Rack Storage Cellar Organiser 120 Bottle

  • Stackable wine shelf
  • It can accommodate a large number of wine bottles
  • Very easy to assemble and customizable for any wall or cabinetry
  • Made up of high-quality raw material
  • Lock and safe design

Things that aren’t so great

  • n/a

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Mango Steam 23 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top, Black

Here is a reasonable wine rack for those who want a compact and portable wine rack for their home. The sleek and portable wine rack with a glassware top has a striking design that looks great in your home. The black freestanding wine rack has a smooth finish with no screws on the surface while the glass tabletop adds beauty to the ambiance along with the reasonable functionality. You can decorate your room by showcasing glassware on this table top.

Mango steam wine rack can accommodate 23 bottles securely. It is made up of steel combined with the powder coating giving it a sturdier and classical look. Moreover, the rack is very sturdy and able to hold 23 wine bottles securely. It is one of those racks on our list that can look good in any setting. Whether it is your room or wine bar, Mango steam wine rack is an impressive choice.

The wine rack is also equipped with floor levelers for the added stability so stop worrying if you think that your dear bottle can fall. This rack is super stable and won’t let any of the bottles be damaged.

What we like about the Mango Steam 23 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top, Black

  • Stable design and sturdy construction
  • Perfect for every kitchen
  • Portable and compact
  • The tabletop glass offers an exquisite look
  • Very easy to assemble

Things that aren’t so great

  • The bottles point downwards and may appear like they are falling

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Kingrack Wine Rack Stackable, Horizontal Wine Bottles Holder

Here is another space-saving tabletop wine rack that may catch your attention. The wine rack can accommodate 5 bottles of wine safely and securely with a stunning look that can add beauty to your kitchen, dining room, countertop, or bar. This wine rack is stackable so you can stack it to any two-tier or three-tier rack to extend the capacity. It is a perfect wine rack for home use.

In addition, this wine rack is made up of sturdy solid metal and high-quality wood that confirms its durability and reliability. It has a very intelligent design that ensures secure placement of wine bottles combined with an oak base so the stand does not wobble or fall providing a safe shelf for wine lovers. This wine rack is an ideal wine organizer for home, pantry, under the cabinet, countertop, basement, or wine bar, etc.

This innovative freestanding wine holder is very easy to use. It comes pre-assembled so you do not have to waste time in putting it together. Just take it out and have fun.

What we like about the Kingrack Wine Rack Stackable, Horizontal Wine Bottles Holder

  • Comes pre-assembled and easy to use
  • Portable and compact
  • Perfect for home use
  • It has an intelligent construction
  • Sturdy metal copper construction

Things that aren’t so great

  • n/a

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Foldable Wooden Wine Rack – Free Standing Stackable Wine Cellar Racks

Here is another tabletop wine rack that will make you fall in love at the first sight. This rack is an optimum combination of functionality and value-added features adding convenience to your experience. This wooden wine rack is foldable and compact. The portability and lightweight are a treat if you don’t have enough space at your place. Moreover, you have several options to place it. You can conveniently install this compact wine rack on the wall, under the cabinet, on the countertop, or leave it freestanding on the floor.

Espacio Nova wine rack can accommodate 6 wine bottles at a time which is quite a good capacity if you are looking for a handy rack for home use. There is a separate cellar compartment for each bottle where you can place the bottle horizontally. Another impressive feature of this wine rack is its design. The wooden design not only looks striking but also requires no assembly. What you have to do is to unfold the rack and place it in any convenient place you like. This is why those who travel frequently will find this wine rack a must-have thing.

What we like about the Foldable Wooden Wine Rack – Free Standing Stackable Wine Cellar Racks

  • It required no assemble
  • Very portable and compact
  • You have several options for placing it.
  • Foldable, sturdy and Well-designed
  • Perfect for traveling

Things that aren’t so great

  • It is suitable for home use only

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Artiss 72 Bottle Timber Wine Rack

If you are looking for the best Wine rack that can serve your in-home events as well as your wine shop, have a look at this amazing timber wine rack. This floor wine rack has the capacity to accommodate 72 wine bottles at a time so it is the most suitable choice if you like to enjoy wine every evening.

The tidy rack has a classical design that will add beauty to your interior and definitely catch the attention of your family and friends. The design and construction are durable and safe so you can confidently put all your dear wine bottles securely. It features rubber pads that ensure the safety of the bottle necks. It is made up of pinewood and steel which is a reliable material so far as the wine rack is concerned. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble with a lock and safe design.

The best feature of these wine racks is their portability and lightweight. This freestanding wine rack is easily moveable so you can place it in your home or use it for any commercial purpose. It is a reasonable yet affordable choice for bars, pubs, restaurants and dining room, etc. However, you must make sure that there may be good ventilation wherever you place it so that the wines may not get rotten.

What we like about the Artiss 72 Bottle Timber Wine Rack

  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for home as well as commercial purpose
  • Safe and sturdy construction
  • able to accommodate 72 bottles at a time sign

Things that aren’t so great

  • Assembly can be time consuming

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What to look for when buying a wine rack

Wine racks or cellars are an inevitable solution for wine storage and aging especially for those who love to enjoy or collect wine.   However, choosing an appropriate wine rack needs you to ponder over several considerations. This is why we have come up with this concise but complete buyer’s guide to help your out. We hope that this buyer’s guide will help you to find out the best wine rack according to your need. So, let’s read out down the lines to know more about wine storage optimization. 

Factors to Consider before purchasing a Wine Rack

Buying a Wine rack requires you to invest a huge amount of money. Moreover, the racking system also governs the quality and aging of the wine you collect. So, it is important to ponder over few factors before spending a fortune.

Location of Wine Rack

Location is the first and foremost consideration you must think about. Think about the place where you are going to install the wine organizer, do you have a separate wine cellar or you are planning to put it in your room. Wine organizers come in different sizes and designs made keeping in mind the needs of the users. If you have limited space, you can go for a compact foldable model. While, if you have a large wall or a dedicated wine cellar then you can buy a large wine rack matching the size of the room. Some wine racks are stackable or customizable according to your wall or cabinetry so you can extend their size according to your need.   

Number of Wine Bottles

Another question to ask yourself is how many wine bottles do I want to store. If you have a large wine collection or you are planning to extend the existing wine collection in the future then it is an intelligent approach to buy a large wine organizer. However, if you have limited space and a small collection of wine then a handy and compact wine rack is sufficient for your need. Here, you can also buy the extendable wine racks that give you the discretion to extend your wine collection conveniently.

Size of wine bottles

This is another significant aspect you must consider before buying an appropriate wine rack. Wine bottles come in varying sizes so every wine rack cannot accommodate all sizes of wine bottles. Some wine racks can accommodate large bottles while the others may not have wider openings to accommodate the bottles with a large diameter. However, you should try to find the one which is suitable for most of the sizes.

Design of Wine Rack

The design of the wine rack is another important detail you should pay attention to. Wine racks come in a variety of styles and designs ranging from foldable and handy countertop designs to the large freestanding or wall mountable wine storage organizers. It solely depends upon your choice whether you prioritize looks, utility, or convenience

Resting position of wine bottles

Pay attention to the resting position of the wine bottle the wine rack allows. The racks that allow horizontal resting positions are the better choice than the rest of the other designs that allow different resting positions. The horizontal position allows the wine to remain in contact with the cork so that the cork may remain sealed and intact to the bottle.

Benefits of using a Wine Rack System

A wine racking system is a significant element of your home or bar if you are a wine collector. There are several reasons why you should buy a reasonable storage system for your wine. We have scribbled some of them below;

  • Proper aging is important for the wine. The racking systems offer suitable storage where the wines get the appropriate temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions needed for their proper aging.
  • These wine organizers keep the large wine collection in place safely and securely.
  • They are not only useful but also add a classic touch to your home décor or bar.
  • They are a cost-effective way of organizing your wine collection.
  • The horizontal wine racks are very effective because they keep the cork wet and sealed.   

In summary

Wine racks are a must-buy piece of furniture, a wine collector or connoisseur must possess. So, if you are the one, this article will be of great value for you. Let us know about your experience in the comments section and also share your suggestions for the next editorial. Enjoy.