How do I make my Wine last longer?

The age old problem of wine preservation has been an issue since wine was first made. It is often the case that there is wine left over, or only a small amount taken from a bottle, aside from the expense, it is a shame to waste your wine, particularly if you think about the process that it has been through to get to your glass!

Before we go further, it is important to understand why wine goes off quickly: Oxidation. Oxidation takes place when air / oxygen hits the wine. As an apple goes brown soon after to cut it, wine starts to oxidize the second the wine is uncorked. Slight oxidation is ok, e.g. letting a bold young red wine breath is even suggested by some. Still, anything more than a bit of breathing destroys the wines delicate aromas and flavours very quickly. This can be sped up if the wine is stored in direct sunlight, or somewhere that it can heat up.

So, here are a few options for preserving your Wine, Sparkling Wine, or Champagne.

Recork it ASAP.

Not just ASAP, but ensure that you have a seal that will prevent oxygen moving through the bottle. If you do not retain your cork, get hold of a quality wine stopper!

Use smaller bottles

Use smaller bottles to decant to. Move left over wine into a smaller bottle which will not carry as much oxygen therefore lessening the wines exposure to air.

Keep it in the fridge

Cooler temperatures will reduce the process of the wine breaking down. It will also be stored at drinking temperature. This will not stop the wine from breaking down, but it will buy you some extra time.

Remove the air from the bottle.

Using a product like the Bermar Wine and Champagne preservation systems will allow you to remove the air from the bottle, which will extend the life of the wine dramatically. Check these out here. The initial cost for these may seem high, but if you weigh up the cost of lost wine, it will quickly pay for itself, particularly in a commercial venue. Their systems also preserve champagne and sparkling wines by locking in the bubbles.

Drink all of it

The easiest way to stop you wine from going off is to drink it all. It may not be the healthiest option, but it definitely works.