Polar C-Series Under Counter Wine Fridge

If you are searching for an ideal wine chiller for your small restaurant or pub, then here is the perfect heck that you can choose with a blindfold. All thanks to the innovative and sleek design of this fridge with the maximum storage of about 28 wine bottles. Its black steel body combined with internal shelves compliments a complete look and a professional set-up.

Now come to the inner LED lights present at the inside of shelves that showcase your adjusted wine bottles in line and reflect your mannerism to the customers. Also, the temperature adjustment control is most accurate and easier as compared to other models. You only have to rotate a dial and get the desired results.

The adjustment and the installation of this wine fridge are more than exceptional. You have an option to adjust the feet’ height. This means that you have an option of placing this fridge where ever you want to and get accurate results.

The ambient temperature ranges from 32 degrees. This temperature is promising to provide accurate set-up and temperature overall for your wine bottles. But make sure that you keep the refrigerator at a distance from the wall to ensure proper ventilation and thus cooling.