What Wine Best Pairs with Beef

Wine and beef combination is something that beats all other pairings. Wine with steak is a foodie’s delight, it elevates the flavor of the beef and the drink. A good wine gives your food a tang of acidity and sweetness that delights your palate. 

Whether you are breaking out the fancy wine glasses for a special occasion or just a Saturday night when you wish to cook your favorite beef dish go ahead and choose the perfect wine that enhances the flavors of your tender steak.

However, if you are not sure which wine pairs perfectly with your beef, we have you covered. 

With a little bit of know-how and some information about the wine, you can create an unforgettable experience even when you are savoring your favorite beef dish in your kitchen.

Which steak with which wine?

There are two essential things to be kept in mind to let you determine which steak should be combined with which wine.

– If your steak is fatty, then pair it with a less robust wine. Do not opt for something too rich, as it could overwhelm your palate. A fatty steak also tastes well with a highly acidic wine, and it counterbalances the flavors.

– A steak that is lightly flavored with only salt and pepper goes well with most wine. This is because of its versatile flavor. However, if you use sweet ingredients in your steak, do not pair it with a sweet wine. If your beef is heavily seasoned, do not choose spicy or a robust wine but instead opt for a fruit and sweet flavor.

The above are some basic guidelines that make it easy to prepare and pair your steak with the right wine. Without any further ado, let us jump straight to some lovely wine and beef combinations.


A pleaser red wine, Cabernet offers a balanced flavor making it perfect for beginners. Cabernets are highly acidic that provide tanginess, which makes it excellent with a well-prepared steak.


Having a beef tenderloin cut? Why not pair Bordeaux with it. The wine has mellowed down tannin with a mild fruity flavor. The chocolate and herbs in the flavor blend nicely with all-beef flavors. To make your own perfect beef wine combination, keep the beef seasoning simple so that it does not overpower the wine’s flavor.


Zinfandel is the perfect choice if you have a liking for sweet wines instead of dry and acidic flavors with heavy tannin and many other flavor compounds. The sugar content in this wine is high, so avoid steaks that come with a sweet seasoning. 

Instead prepare your steak with a zesty and spicy flavor. The sweetness of the wine will counterbalance the spiciness of the beef.


A bold red wine, Malbec has a rich flavor and an inky dark color full of tannins. However, Malbec does not give it any oaky or woody aroma but instead has a fruity flavor with some juicy citrus notes and some other fruits. 

If you have a lean cut steak, try the Malbec that blends with your steak because of its bold scent and fruity flavor. This could be a flank or a top sirloin steak. You may want to have Malbec with a filet mignon, but this wine’s richness could overwhelm the meat flavor.


Merlot pairs easily with food and has a special rapport with beef. Merlot is bold with a good amount of acidity, which makes it a great complement to beef tenderloin. Merlot contains chocolate, bay leaf, and vanilla that blends well with a lean cut beef.


Fine dining is about finding your personal favorite as per your preference. If you have a wine flavor that you genuinely love, then go ahead and sample it with your next steak preparation. While you may want to taste the above combinations, the best would be to try out different wine and steak pairs and experiment with varied flavors. Once you get a pair that you love, you can either stick to it or check out something new.