What Wine Best Pairs With Pork?

Do you often look at your freezer and wonder what wine would go well with the pork dish you plan to make? Have you always wanted to make a mark on your guests by putting your best foot forward, serving delicious meat and wine you make? We have it all for you here, so grab your best wine glasses and pour yourself a drink and enjoy the read. 

Pork Wine Pairing Options galore!

You can whip out from this red meat so much that you can never run out of ideas. From the bbq version to the roasted one, they pair well with a range of red and white wines. There is no rule of thumb regarding what colour wine you must pair with your pork dishes. You must understand that your choice will finally depend on your cut of the meat and the way of cooking—special emphasis made on the sauce that you will be using while serving.

Here are some hot recommendations

Tender suckling pig goes well with lighter red varieties like the Spanish Mencia or the famous Pinot Noir from Chile. Then there is also Narello Mascalese that pairs beautifully well with it. Those who like things to be a litter sweet can try Riesling. Riesling with its sweet undertones goes well with pork belly that is well done. Barbeque pork goes well with delicate wines such as Rose, the drier variety one. To not let the pork dish overpower its delicate flavor, you must try the Grenache rose from Spain that is more full-bodied.

Best with roast pork

If you have decided to roast the pork belly, then the German Riesling is the one to pick for your shelves. It works nicely because of its natural sweetness. It also has a good amount of acidity that creates magic. 

Protip: Serve a platter of apples that will take your hosting skills ten notches higher. 

Roasted pork also pairs well with young Burgundy. This is because many people can handle a bolder variety of wine with their pork dishes than the juicy and acidic variety. Many people think both white and red varieties of wine go well with roast pork, so it is down to personal preferences. For instance, people that like richness can opt for red wine, and people who prefer acidity can go for white. Roast pork is quite versatile like that! 

Chardonnay all the way!

In-house chefs usually recommend a Chardonnay with its citrus and peach undertones that go well with pork dishes. The chardonnay from cooler climates is perfect with its nectarine flavor and definite acidity that appeal to refined taste.

If the pork is being seasoned and roasted with herbs like the Marjoram or the Oregano, then white wine, especially Condrieu is a superb match, nicely chilled straight from your wine fridge or wine bucket. Pinot noir from the warmer countryside or Chardonnay from Africa will also get you brownie points for pairing well. 

Pork sausages

Did we say pork sausage? Reach out for Grenache wines like the Rhone, and if cooked with tomatoes, then high-acid red wine is fantastic. One name that comes to our mind is Barbera, with its rich acidity that also complements acidity from the tomatoes. If it is pork pasta, then it should be Barbera.

Roast ham

For something as exotic as roast ham, you need to bring out the best Boudreaux or the White Burgundy that is carefully aging. The combination of roast ham and aged white wine gives out Christmas vibes to all!


Many people prefer full-bodied wine from the warmer regions when they pair it with pork. Although wine white goes hand in hand with the sweet and juicy flavors of pork, red wine connoisseurs also have a lot to look forward to. Red wines also work their magic depending on the sauce and the accompaniments with it. The Chilean Pinot Noir and the Spanish Grenache will complement the flavors. A word of caution is to veer away from the deep reds like the Shiraz and the Cabernet that can overwhelm and cancel the meat’s delicate flavors.